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Do you find yourself asking, "Where are the statesmen?"

There are, of course, a few bright stars, but does the country have a slate of inspiring, trustworthy and principled leaders with a solid intellectual, political, and spiritual foundation necessary to bring real leadership to your city, county, the state house, and Congress?

Among the rising generation there are not nearly enough well-formed young men and women prepared for principled public leadership. Those who reject our founding principles will not be content to lose the precious ground they have won over the last few decades just because of a mid-term election. Their efforts will be more resolute, their arguments will be more divisive, and their attacks will be more vicious, because they have been patiently investing to win the contest for culture and society.

The Cause is Not Lost

Conservatives and liberals alike have spent uncounted millions of dollars on lobbying, legislation and litigation, but only a fraction of this amount has been spent on leadership development. Principled leadership is what must be deployed to tip the balance. To do this, we must recruit committed young men and women and train them in the rich historic texts of our faith and ideals of our founding—ideals that produced a country rooted in freedom and faith; moderating that freedom through personal responsibility and devotion to the highest moral order.

The John Jay Institute Does Exactly That

Well over 500 young men and women have taken up the mantle of leadership as John Jay, Saratoga, and Witherspoon Fellows. Hundreds more have been trained through our lectures and educational programming. As we celebrate our eighth year of operations, we are not resting, and we are not waiting. The Institute is expanding and introducing new programming in the areas of executive, academic and armed services leadership to further address the need for well-formed leaders in every area of public service: politics, policy, law, journalism, education, religion, etc.

We Need Your Help

As incredible as it may seem, the John Jay Institute is the only faith-based intercollegiate organization that is exclusively dedicated to making principled public leaders. Join with us as a partner in this effort to support the development of emerging leaders in America and around the world.

With your financial support of the Institute's mission to prepare principled public leaders, we can make it a different future.


John Jay has been called the "father of American conservatism" and rightly so. His commitment to the rule of law and American constitutionalism was fundamentally informed by the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures as well as classical and medieval thought and the British system of law. As a man of the bar and bench he ranks high in the pantheon of in Anglo-American jurisprudence. Author (with Madison and Hamilton) of The Federalist Papers, Jay was President Washington's first choice for Chief Justice of the United States as well as President Adams's. I delightfully applaud the vision and work of the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society & Law in perpetuating the high constitutional principles and lasting legacy of their namesake among the future leaders of our great county."
The Honorable Kenneth W. Starr
Former Solicitor General of the United States
President, Baylor University