Announcing the Spring 2015 John Jay Fellows

Thirteen young leaders from around the world have convened on the John Jay Institute campus--get to know them here.

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Rolling Applications for Saratoga

Apply now, or refer a cadet!

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Join Us Now!

We are assembling a group of 176 individuals who are committed to supporting the Institute financially--see what a difference you can make!

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What’s Worth Conserving?

What elements of American society in 2014 are worth conserving? What does conservatism have to offer today’s culture, families, or civil society? The John Jay global leadership network explores conservatism as it looks now and into the future.

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New Board Members Pack a Punch

The John Jay Institute’s latest board meeting saw the addition of three dynamic leaders to the board of governors.

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About John Jay

John Jay (1745-1829) was arguably the most religious, social, and politically conservative of the principal founders of the American Republic. Named for this important American founder, the mission of the Institute is to prepare committed men and women like Jay for leadership in public life. It is our vision to raise up men and women of high principles who are characterized by the virtues of wisdom and justice, truth and mercy, prudence and courage. Clearly there is a pressing need for leadership today. In response, the Institute offers residential fellowships for college graduates aspiring to public vocations as well as various educational resources for anyone interested in exploring the nexus of religion and public life.
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Upcoming Events

Field Study: Old City Join the Spring 2015 Fellows as they embark on a tour of Old City Philadelphia.
Field study: Fairmount Water Works and Philadelphia Museum of Art Join the John Jay Fellows for a guided tour of the Fairmont Water Works and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Field Study: Princeton and Washington’s Crossing Join the John Jay Fellows as they tour Princeton University, learn Washington's revolutionary strategies, and more.

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Recent Publications

Symposium: What’s Worth Conserving? by Nathan Hitchen '07, Brian Brown '07, et al
The Christian Imagination by Kiley Crossland '10, Nate Madden '14, et al
Reverse Feminism in Eastern Europe by Marty Manor Mullins

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