“Education Reform” As We Know It Isn’t Enough

During her time at the John Jay Institute, Brittany Corona ’12 developed a passion for civil society. Now she’s a leading national proponent of a deeper kind of education reform.

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Putin’s Antidote

In a time of international tension, alumnus Martin Luteran is transforming the leadership scene in eastern Europe.

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Reverse Feminism in Eastern Europe

Many women in eastern Europe are seeking “the good life” in a way that would startle many Western feminists, writes Institute research associate Marty Manor Mullins.

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National Security in the American Constitutional Order

The Sons of the Revolution, in collaboration with the John Jay Institute, presents an essay contest examining the relevance of "The Federalist," and the Constitution it explains, to contemporary national security debates.

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The Future of Religion and Democracy

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali's recent lecture waded into tough territory.

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Shaping Souls in the U.S. Military

The man who trains the Army's chaplains takes his cue from Daniel.

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About John Jay

John Jay (1745-1829) was arguably the most religious, social, and politically conservative of the principal founders of the American Republic. Named for this important American founder, the mission of the Institute is to prepare committed men and women like Jay for leadership in public life. It is our vision to raise up men and women of high principles who are characterized by the virtues of wisdom and justice, truth and mercy, prudence and courage. Clearly there is a pressing need for leadership today. In response, the Institute offers residential fellowships for college graduates aspiring to public vocations as well as various educational resources for anyone interested in exploring the nexus of religion and public life.
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Old City Tour Join the Fall 2014 Fellows as they embark on a tour of Old City Philadelphia.
Fairmount Water Works and Philadelphia Museum of Art Tour Join the Fall 2014 Fellows as they tour the beautiful Philadelphia Museum of Art and the 200-year-old Fairmount Water Works.
God and the Great War J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and the Crisis of Faith in the Modern Age

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Recent Publications

Reverse Feminism in Eastern Europe by Marty Manor Mullins
C.S. Lewis on Power by Michael Ward

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