Press Room

Melinda Sanchez ‘12 Offers a New Perspective on US-China Relations

Global Peace Foundation - June 19, 2014

“Before you initiate the labor of changing the world, go around your house three times and see what work needs to happen first."

How to Grow Virtue

The Journal of the Society for Classical Learning - March 21, 2014

Sam Vanderplas '08 combines Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Frog and Toad.

What is “the good life?”

American Enterprise Institute - March 21, 2014

Tyler Castle '12 argues based on Dostoevsky that it's a choice.

The Sorry State of Religious Freedom at the Air Force Academy

The Federalist - March 17, 2014

Zachary Crippen (Saratoga '12) reviews recent events at USAFA.

The Beauty of “Non-Christian” Movies

Humane Pursuits - March 17, 2014

Havilah Steinman '13 considers Frozen.

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John Jay has been called the "father of American conservatism" and rightly so. His commitment to the rule of law and American constitutionalism was fundamentally informed by the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures as well as classical and medieval thought and the British system of law. As a man of the bar and bench he ranks high in the pantheon of in Anglo-American jurisprudence. Author (with Madison and Hamilton) of The Federalist Papers, Jay was President Washington's first choice for Chief Justice of the United States as well as President Adams's. I delightfully applaud the vision and work of the John Jay Institute for Faith, Society & Law in perpetuating the high constitutional principles and lasting legacy of their namesake among the future leaders of our great county."
The Honorable Kenneth W. Starr
Former Solicitor General of the United States
President, Baylor University