Upper Marlboro, Maryland

University of Virginia

B.A. in Neuroscience

Lansdale Henderson

Lansdale Henderson is a 2013 graduate of the University of Virginia where he earned a B.A. in Neuroscience. While at UVA, Lansdale was an American Scholar for the Society of the Cincinnati, a Lawn Resident, an Echols Scholar, an ISI Honors Fellow, and an Elzinga Residential Scholar at the Center for Christian Study. Lansdale has a number of scientific achievements to his name, contributing authorship to an article for the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics, and an article in review for the Journal of Neuroscience. Lansdale has also been a participant in numerous Neuroscience conferences, where he has presented his own research. Lansdale believes that Christians are desperately needed in biomedicine and he particularly admires Christians like Dr. Francis Collins for their positive work in the field. Lansdale eventually hopes to pursue an MD/PhD, but before that he anticipates that the John Jay Fellowship will help broaden his understanding and sharpen his faith as he reads great and important thinkers in the Christian and Western traditions and as he engages with other fellows both in the classroom and through informal discussions.

"The civic virtues -- moral principle, self-abnegation, allegiance to truth, an ideal of service to nation and asuperintending faith -- are no longer the reliable produce of ordinary education in America. A few brave voices are still heard: in summons to make good the loss. Among these the John Jay Institute offers the clearest and most unequivocal, the most eloquent and most principled. Such institutions, and they are a precious few, represent the Republic's best hope for the revival and sustenance of civic leadership in the American Republic of the Twenty-First Century.""
Lt. General (Ret) Josiah Bunting III
Superintendent Emeritus of the Virginia Military Institute and President of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation