Mission and Vision

Named for the American founder, John Jay (1745-1829), the John Jay Institute is an educational and professional civic leadership organization based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to prepare principled leaders for faith-informed public service. The John Jay Institute undertakes this mission to further nothing less than a renaissance of the animating ideals that inspired America's founding. As the only organization of its kind, the John Jay Institute provides exceptional emerging leaders with the intellectual, spiritual, and professional training for transformational cultural leadership.


The John Jay Institute operates post-graduate academic residential fellowships, executive seminars, lectures, conferences, and other programs designed to develop emerging leaders while concurrently building a professional fraternity of alumni to facilitate their strategic placement, ongoing networking, and lasting impact in American culture.

The Need and Opportunity

Financial corruption and economic collapse, the growth of the state, family breakdown, educational failure, a vulgar and dehumanizing culture are just some of the consequences of the loss of the public virtues and character traits once considered necessary for sustaining American self-government. The current crisis is not merely political; it is cultural – which is to say religious and spiritual at its root. Our times demand men and women of high principle, personal integrity, and undaunted courage who are grounded in the spiritual and intellectual tradition of the past and have the inspirational vision, prudential wisdom, and practical insight to lead our society into its future. Such leaders have shaped civilizations. They can renew and revive the American promise in our time.

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"The civic virtues -- moral principle, self-abnegation, allegiance to truth, an ideal of service to nation and asuperintending faith -- are no longer the reliable produce of ordinary education in America. A few brave voices are still heard: in summons to make good the loss. Among these the John Jay Institute offers the clearest and most unequivocal, the most eloquent and most principled. Such institutions, and they are a precious few, represent the Republic's best hope for the revival and sustenance of civic leadership in the American Republic of the Twenty-First Century.""
Lt. General (Ret) Josiah Bunting III
Superintendent Emeritus of the Virginia Military Institute and President of the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation